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Popped a Molly, I’m Sweating woo!


“Popped a molly, I’m sweating woo

Popped a molly , I’m sweating woo”

Lyrics from a well-known rapper Trinidad James.

Molly, short for molecule, is the pure form of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine) a chemical found in ecstasy. Although molly seems to be the new girl on the block, she was actually patented by Merck pharmaceuticals in 1914 and did not make much noise until the 1980’s. In the 80’s MDMA was known as Adam, he was not a very popular boy because of the cocaine epidemic. Later in the 90’s MDMA in the pill form known as ecstasy became very popular at Raves and parties. Now lets fast forward to the present where Molly takes center stage, she is talk about in most rap songs and it seems so normal just to pop a molly.

Now you should be asking yourself why would Merck patent this highly addictive drug, initially the drug was given to patients in a psychotherapeutic setting to reduce fear and anxiety. But just like any happy drug the masses start to abuse it and the short-term effects can be detrimental. So what is this Molly all about?

MDMA floods the brain with neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine giving an intense feeling of euphoria and diminishes anxiety. But once you come down from this high the psychological effects are also intense such as depression, confusion, paranoia and anxiety. The short-term physiological effects are tremors, muscle cramps,dry-mouth/thirst and a high dose can interfere body temperature resulting in a sharp increase in body temperature. A study was done recently and showed that the long-term use of Molly can cause Parkinson’s disease later in life.

So before you pop a molly and start sweating think about the risk and the long-term effects, anything that spikes your body temperature is a big no-no aka do not pass go aka the sign that says stay awake when driving back from atlantic city! Just don’t do it, and if you want to feel elated exercise or dance to your favorite song.

Stay safe during this holiday weekend!

Peace and Blessings