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Teaching Photosynthesis to Non Majors!


I am very relaxed when teaching majors photosynthesis because I don’t have to eliminate any details or terminology. But teaching a non-major biology student photosynthesis is challenging. The first challenge is the textbook which i am not a fan  skips so many details that I have to supplement regularly.

Thoughts before teaching lecture…

Do I say pigments or accessory pigments in the photosystems antenna complex?

Of course I will say after light is absorbed by the pigment it excites another electron in the next pigment molecule which is called resonance but then I would have to teach resonance.

Do I name the electron acceptor pheophytin or just stick with electron acceptor.

But no matter what I am naming ferrodoxin!

I’m still in the light reactions, I don’t want to even think about rubisco yet.

During cellular respiration I’m energized and the students seem to be interested but when we enter photosynthesis pure flat line. I try to remain upbeat because the details are so important, to revitalize the class two photosynthesis videos is a must!

With lecture and video I recently wrapped up the light reactions for both of my biology sections, but did I mention all of those questions above YES! Facts are FACTS I always tell my students ” this term will not be on the final or quiz” and my students give a sigh of relief.

Soon I will be entering the dark side (dark reactions).